Varsity Boys Shoot and Score

The varsity boys’ basketball team played against Glendale Prep. They played hard and won by over 20 points.

Selina Fluty, Editor of Student Opinion

In the gym on Dec. 7, at 7 p.m., Horizon Honors’ varsity boys finished warming up, and the other team, Glendale Prep, got into position on the court. The crowd was quite large, and the cheerleaders donned their attire and watched as the game began. Horizon Honors got possession of the ball first, and the teams jumped into action.

Glendale scored a basket within the first minute of the game. However, with a free throw and a three-pointer from Horizon Honors, the team pulled ahead. Again, we drained another three-pointer, and the athletes on the bench went ecstatic as well as the crowd. The quarter seemed to be evenly matched, but Glendale made a couple more baskets than we did, and set the score as 9-13, Horizon Honors right behind Glendale Prep. The game proceeded, and Horizon Honors pushed to get ahead, playing harder to compensate for the point difference. By the end of the second quarter, there were a few more baskets on us, but Glendale Prep couldn’t keep up with our team as they made shot after shot – by halftime, the score was 28-18, Horizon Honors ahead.

The cheerleaders performed during halftime, giving the teams a brief moment to rest. After a few minutes, the game began again.

The third quarter was when things really heated up, and there weren’t really many points scored, but the shots made were of high value and students were competitive and fully involved in the happenings. Junior Trevor Weary scored a great shot in the last moments of the quarter, leaving the score at 43 to 27. In the final quarter, the teams were still heavily involved, and the game ends at 59 to 37, with a comfortable lead for Horizon Honors.