A Night of Art, Food, and Music – Oh, My!

On Thursday, Dec. 10, at 6 p.m., Horizon Honors hosted an Art Show and Guitar Showcase, which included magnificent art made by all the art classes, a performance by the beginning and intermediate guitarists, games created by the multimedia students, digital designs made by the graphic design students, and appetizers provided by culinary.

Jenny Park, Columnist

The Art Show and Guitar Showcase for Horizon Honors on Thursday, Dec. 10, at 6 p.m. included remarkable pieces of art, digital games, stunning typographic displays, great music, and savory food.

The art class did an amazing job on their paintings and drawings. There were many different sections of each painting style such as shapes, realistic graphite drawings, cartoons, 3-D visuals, and many more. It usually took two to three weeks for each project that art students have made, and all pieces were hung by the students and even graduates from Horizon Honors.

“The intermediate and beginning students did very well at the Guitar Showcase,” said guitar teacher Brian Murphy, “It was challenging, meeting the standards of each level of guitarists, but it was worth taking.” The guitar students had an amazing performance; the music was well-selected and melodious. “They had a nice contrast between the songs they played,” said eighth graders Allison Hale and Savina LaBatt-Losey. 

The multimedia students created games and were displayed to the public. Every game was amazing and has their own script and coding. Many of the games entertained the participants. The library was filled with people playing the games, chatting, and viewing the displays of art, which were made by graphic design. Graphic design created campaigns for world issues, family trees, among other typographic campaigns.

The food was excellent. There were four different types of desserts served to the participants of the Art Show and Guitar Showcase: brownies, maple frosted cookies, cherry coffee cake, and pumpkin squares. The appetizers ran out in the first hour or so. “Everyone wanted more,” Heinrich said.

At 8 p.m., the Art Show and Guitar Show came to a conclusion. The crowd seemed to enjoy every part of the show created by Horizon Honors’ art, graphic design, guitar, culinary, and multimedia classes.

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