Fun and Games with Middle School Gamer’s Club

Avast! A new club has arrived to save the day for certain middle school students.

Zoe Slagel, Columnist

As you may have heard from a little bird, a brand new club has joined the league of Horizon Honors’ clubs. Supported by students, the club has a variety of games and activities for everyone to enjoy. From Pokémon to Magic, there are many games for “geeks” of all shapes and sizes to relish in. All are invited, as long as you get consent from Jessica Davis, the manager of this newly developed organization.

The initial meeting for middle school Gamer’s Club was on Wednesday, Dec. 9. Each meeting is every Wednesday after school from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. Every gathering is situated in Davis’s room, room 107. A number of games will be engaged in, starting with Dungeons and Dragons, Munchkins a,nd several others. All are open to new games and new experiences.

So, don’t be shy. You might just find a friend, and form bonds with others. So bring your imagination and your expertise on over to Gamer’s Club.