Hear the Honk of an Upcoming Musical

Horizon Honors is casting for the musical “Honk!” which is something everyone should be a part of.

Vivi Padilla, Columnist

Horizon Honors has had outstanding musicals, like the “Anything Goes” and “The Pajama Game”. Now Horizon Honors is having a new spring musical called “Honk!”

It has a message that we all need to hear about acceptance.

— Ann Shaheen

The play is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s story, “The Ugly Duckling.” It tells a story about a duck getting bullied and goes on an incredible journey of self-discovery, meeting new people on the way, and learning important things about life. Ann Shaheen said that she picked this play, because “it has a message that we all need to hear about acceptance.” The music showcases big, flashy numbers as well as softer and sweeter solos and duets. It is a very popular show in London and throughout the United Kingdom, and Shaheen is excited to bring it to Horizon Honors. She has no doubt that this play will be well received by the audience.

Audition packets are available now in the media center, and auditions begin on Monday, Jan. 11, the day that we get back from winter break. You do not need to be in drama, and no experience is needed. So go and try out and be in the new musical. Go and try out, Shaheen can not wait for well prepared auditions. Even if you do not want to be in the musical, you can go for the tech team. They will need a lot of help. See Shaheen if you have any questions.