They Shoot and Score: Varsity Girls’ Basketball

Varsity girls’ basketball players from Veritas Prep and Horizon Honors’ Eagles play a tremendous game.


Photo Courtesy of Diana Gamez

Horizon Honors shooting in a basket to victory

Diana Gamez, Columnist

On Monday, Dec. 15, at 5:30 p.m., the varsity basketball Lady Eagles won their game against Veritas Prep with a score of 54-24, making this their ninth win of the season.

Although Veritas Prep won the tip-off, the ball went out of bounds. The ball then went to Horizon Honors, and with the help of senior McKenna Arenz,  Horizon Honors gained two points on the scoreboard. Veritas Prep tried to score but failed because of the great defensive skills from the Horizon Honors’ Eagles. Later, the same player from Veritas shot a basket, gaining a point for her team. Within a minute of that basket, the Eagles had obtained a three-pointer. By the end of the first quarter, the teams were tied, and the pressure was rising. However, Arenz shot a basket, scoring a two-pointer for the Eagles.

As the second quarter began,Veritas Prep began with the ball, but sophomore Addie Martin made a steal. Junior Callie Joiner was then able to score a two-pointer. Veritas Prep then scored a three-pointer, making the game tied at 10-10. She then scored a three pointer, and the game tied 10-10. The quarter ends with Horizon Honors in the lead 14-10.

Players from Veritas Prep started off the third quarter, scoring a two pointer. Then, senior Sierra Reese assisted and gave the ball to Martin, providing the Eagles with two more points. Later, without any defense from Horizon Honors, Veritas Prep tried to shoot but missed. Horizon Honors was able to protect the ball, and Arenz scored a two-pointer, which helped Horizon Honors get in the lead and the quarter ended 41-19.

The fourth quarter was about to start and things were heating up when Veritas Prep stole the ball from an Eagle player but wasn’t able to score. When junior Cali Lientz stole the ball, she scored a three-pointer. The score didn’t change for awhile with no team getting ahead until Veritas Prep had a free throw. Horizon Honors gain point after point leading the Eagles to win the game. The scoreboard ended with a score of 50-24.