Disney Day

Disney lovers, gather around. Here is the day that you have all been waiting for: Disney Day!

Sophia Selin, Columnist

On Friday, Jan. 15, you can show your support for the boys’ soccer team while you chill, sporting your favorite Disney gear. Whether you come as the Belle of the Ball or Robin Hood, it is sure to be fun, because everyone loves Disney! Also, don’t forget that at 3:45 p.m., the boys’ soccer team will play against Veritas at Pecos Park. There are several ideas about what you can wear from a full costume to your favorite disney themed shirt. Some more good ideas include Mickey Mouse ears, a T-shirt that is Disney inspired, or even a cape. However, do not forget that whichever costume you choose must be school appropriate. Whoever your favorite Disney character is, Friday is the day you can finally show it. So, put together a Disney costume and get ready to have a magical day!