Dancing Into a New Elective

Horizon Honors is now hosting dance as an elective for high school students to enjoy.

Olivia Doyle, Columnist

A dance elective has come to Horizon Honors this year, taught by the choir director Cori Vanderley. In this class, students learn many different kinds of dance and the history behind them to fulfill their physical education credit. VanderLey says, “So far in the dance class we have covered ballet, jazz, tap, and ballroom dancing: including waltz, tango, salsa, cha cha, and swing. Currently we are working on folk dances. Next, we will move to hip hop, contemporary, and lyrical.” This is a highly suggested course for people who love music and the arts.

Dance is very inspiring and motivating. “I like it, because it incorporates music with movement. Teaching dance makes me want to learn more varieties and styles. So I am inspired to research and learn new dances. I also like that the class is first thing in the morning, because it wakes up my day,” Vanderley explains. “My goals are to give the students experience with many styles and inspire them to pursue dance throughout their life.”

“Dance is a huge part of my life, so I love that aspect of this class. Also I have my best friends with me in the class,” says Stephanie Clark, “Dance tells a story with your body and movement, and it is so beautiful in the way that anyone can do it.” Clark also says she takes the class to broaden her dance vocabulary.

Dance offers an beautiful way to collect your P.E. credit, and is enjoyable to learn and practice. Be sure to look into it if you are interested in learning ways to express yourself through music and movement. The class proves itself just as fun as it sounds and is sure to improve your mood.