Winning the Race with Track and Field

Read about the upcoming track and field season and what those trying out thought.


Caroline Lilleoer, Columnist

The upcoming season for track and field has started, and there were tryouts from the Feb. 8 to Feb. 12 from 5 to 6.30 p.m. Sixteen people showed up for the try out, and I asked a few of them why they wanted to join, and what their expectations and goals were for the season.

The Horizon Sun: Why do you want to join track and field?

Krista Santacruz: “I am interested in joining track because I need to stay in shape. And track gives me the opportunity to do different events: running, throwing, hurdles, long jump and I think it is an all around good sport.”

Bryanna Holguin: “To spend time with my friends while doing something fun!”

Dianara Lopez: “I did it last year and I had fun meeting new people and competing at meets.”

The Sun: What are your expectations and goals for this season?

KS:My goals are to try my best and to improve my running time. That is always a goal because I can improve each and every day.”

BH: “My goals are to improve and get faster by the end of the season.”

DL: My goal is to be faster than last year and I want to improve on my 200m race.”

Overall track and field seems like a really good opportunity if you want to meet new people, improve on your running, throwing, hurdles and long jump skills –  and to stay healthy and active.