Hitting a Homerun with Spring Tryouts

Horizon Honors is hosting tryouts for the 2016 high school baseball team.


Jennifer Park, Columnist

From Monday, Feb. 8, to Friday, Feb. 13, Horizon Honors will hold tryouts to find players for the high school baseball team at Desert Foothills Park from 2:45 to 5:30 p.m.

Coach Downes has high hopes for the season. He expects that the team will have a strong chance of making the state playoffs. The coaching staff is very pleased with the athleticism and talent of the players.

Junior Nicolas Hackelton says he is most excited about working together as a team and extending his baseball skills.

Senior Connor Sorrells says, “Baseball is a huge part of my life – it always has been. So, finishing off my high school career with a bang is very important to me.” He is most excited about building up his skills and building camaraderie once again before their first game of the season.

“Baseball has been my life since day one!” says freshman Dylan Hickey

Senior Joseph Holguin says, “I liked to join the baseball team because I have been playing baseball for the past 12 years and also this is my fourth year trying out and making the team. The one thing I’m looking forward about tryouts are being able to teach the freshman and give them guidance, also there’s seven freshman trying out so it’s going to be fun getting to know each personality, create a bond with them, and teach them the ways how to be prepared for each day.”

Catch them at their first game at Gila Bend High School on Monday, Feb. 29.