A Trip for Boston

Horizon Honors’ middle school travel club visited historic Boston over this past spring break.

Diana Gamez, Columnist

On Monday, March 14 at 9:30 p.m., every Boston-bound student and teacher met up at a more-than-crowded airport to head off on their new adventure. The students were under the supervision of teachers Davina Baird, Ann Bialk, Joshua Garrett, Ann Shaheen, and Jennifer Wood. All attendees were prepared to walk more than five miles everyday and be ready for the cold weather. There was one layover at the Detroit airport, but then the students headed off to the new plane and landed in Boston. Of course, the students and chaperones were a bit jet-lagged but were excited for what was to come. At the airport, there was a coach bus waiting for them as well their tour guide.

On the first day, the students ate breakfast at Friendly’s, an all-American diner, and then headed off to begin their walking tour of Boston. Their path ran along a section of the Freedom Trail and went to the Museum of Science. Many of the students appreciated all the different learning experiences they were able to capture.

The next day held a visit to the much-chronicled Lexington and Concord. After a short bus ride, the students and chaperones arrived at the Minute Man National Historic Park, where they toured a historic house, The Old Manse. Later in the day, they had a sightseeing session of Cambergae and enjoyed a well-needed lunch at Harvard square. Afterwards, they had a chance to view the Granary Burying ground, Faneuil Hall, and the Boston Public Library. The group went to dinner at sunset and then made their way to their final adventure of the day: seeing a performance of a play called Shear Madness.

The club had an early start to the following day by first arriving at the John F. Kennedy Library/Museum and Massachusetts Archive. This texts and other various things was definitely a learning experience for the students, one that they might remember for the rest of their lives. They were then able to enjoy the pleasant sight of the sea shore as they ate at Sullivan’s Castle island, and enjoyed the pleasant sight of the sea shore. In addition, they visited the New England Aquarium and the beautiful Massachusetts State house.

The fourth day was no less busy as the students started off their day with a good dose of witch history in the Salem Witch Museum. Down a few blocks is where they toured The House of the Seven Gables and where the famous author Nathaniel Hawthorne was raised. After, the students walked a few blocks down to the Ye Olde Pepper Companie (America’s Oldest Candy Company). To close out the day, they enjoyed a Boston-style pizza and had fun bowling all together as a group.

The last day was bittersweet for most students since they didn’t feel ready to leave the wonderful city of Boston. But to end the trip on a more than great note, they went to the Hynes Convention Center, where the highest level provided an excellent view of Boston. Before they were headed to the airport, the students were able to be a part of the Boston Tea Party by having the chance to throw actual tea overboard on a real boat! Then they were headed to the airport, making sure they gave their thanks and said their goodbyes to their tour guide and their coach driver.

Overall, the students could say that it was truly a vacation that they would never forget. It was a great learning experience for many and much fun for all.