Medical Mastery

Freshman Tessa Jung received recommendation to be a qualified delegate and representative for Arizona at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders.

Olivia Doyle, Columnist

Recently, Horizon Honors freshman Tessa Jung was selected to attend the Congress of Future Medical Leaders (CFML). This is an upscale convention for youth with “prospective medical talent,” according to the CFML website and takes place at the National Academy of Future Physicists and Medical Scientists.

Jung got selected because her old friend heard about it and submitted her name. Her 4.75 GPA also qualified her for placement. Jung likes the medical field because she likes to help people as well as experimenting. “I want to go into the dermatology field, which studies the skin. I want to do little operations, but not major surgeries,” she says, “I always wanted to do it and be able to support a family. It is something I am passionate about, and I feel like if you don’t like your job you shouldn’t do it.”

At the conference, Jung will hear from scientists and other people in the medical field, and she will get the chance to watch a live surgery.  There will also be an awards ceremony scheduled. “It feels like such a great honor to be a representative of our state,”states Jung. “I hope to be able to get found by a college scout or get a scholarship for a good college.”