A Victory Against The Mesquite Wildcats

The Horizon Honors’ Eagles defeat the Mesquite Wildcats in two sets, leading them to two wins in the season.

Jennifer Park, Columnist

The Horizon Honors’ Eagles faced the Wildcats in a home game on Tuesday, March 29, at 4 p.m. The Eagles won two sets, which led the game to a victory.

The first set started with a side out from both teams. The volleyball was tossed back and forth across the court, and throughout that time, there were three aces and three side outs from the Eagles. The scores were close in the beginning, and before the break the Eagles, were in the lead with 15 points and the Wildcats with nine. The Wildcats managed to catch up some, but the Eagles ended up winning the first set with a score of 25-14.

Before the second set, the teams huddled up and practiced. The Wildcats started off the second set with a point. It was 7-7 before the first break. Both teams were then tied with eight points, but the Eagles scored the ninth point, breaking the tie. It was 14-10 before the second break, but the Wildcats caught up in a short amount of time. The Eagles had to score one more point to win, but a third break occurred and afterwards the game resumed. Once they scored the last point, the crowd cheered, and the Horizon Honors’ Eagles won the set 25-19, winning the game.

The JV boys’ volleyball team is now 2-1 in the season. Be sure to catch their next game on Thursday, March 31, against Dobson High School at 4 p.m.