Horizon Honors Falls to the Knights

Middle school girls’ basketball players from Northwest Christian and Horizon Honors played a thrilling game full of action.

Diana Gamez, Columnist

On Wednesday, April 6, at 5 p.m., the middle school girls` basketball game had just begun at Horizon Honors, and the Northwest Christian players had won the tip off. Less than one minute later, they scored a two-pointer, but the Horizon Honors girls weren’t about to go down without a fight. The ball had gone out-of-bounds, and Horizon Honors gained possession of the ball. At that time, luck must have not been on their side, because one Northwest player stole the ball and gained two points for her team. Later, seventh grader Piper Corey traveled down the court and had just scored two points for her team.

At the end of the first fifteen minutes, Northwest Christian was winning, thanks to the player who had scored a two-pointer twice in a row. However,the Horizon Honors team were on their heals, and eighth grader Kate Allen, with much determination, was able to score a two-pointer. Mackenzie Anderson (seventh grader) performed a great lay-up but wasn’t able to complete it because of the blocking from Northwest Christian. That quarter ended with Northwest Christian in the lead 4-12.

It was the second half of the game, and all the players hopes were high. Within five minutes, a Northwest player shot a three-pointer and just a few minutes later they scored a two pointer.  Then seventh grader Jadyn Dykstra and Anderson made a great pass, but right away Dykstra was blocked and wasn’t able to shoot, making the ball go to Northwest Christian. Later, a Northwest Christian player had the ball, but Allen stole the ball and was able to provide her team with two points.

A Northwest Christian player shot a three-pointer, and then eighth grader Marisela Rivera passed the ball to Allen and scored a two pointer for Horizon Honors. Corey gained one point after a foul, and a Northwest Christian player shot three points. Nineteen seconds were left in the game, and Corey scored one point. The game ended with Northwest Christian winning by fifteen points, 12-27.

Overall the game was filled with much excitement, and many surprises from all the players despite it not ending in favor of Horizon Honors. The next middle school girls’ basketball game will be on Wednesday, April 13, 2016.