Singing, Dancing, and Acting – Oh My!

Horizon Honors’ Performing Arts Exhibition was on Wednesday, April 6, at 6 p.m., showing students and parents many talents of Horizon Honors’ students.

Caroline Lilleoer, Columnist

Parents and students at Horizon Honors waited in excitement for this year’s PAE, and they did not go disapointed home. The night’s performances showed great talent and dedication.

The show started off with freshman Burke Wood, who did a fantastic job at opening the show with “Mack the Knife” by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht.

He was followed by eighth graders Ellie Bybee and Natalie VanderLey in a duet singing “Skinny Love.” Afterwards, fifth grader Aashma Ramani played “Fur Elise” beautifully on piano.

Senior Joy Pizorno then entered the scene, saying that this would be her last PAE for the school. Her high notes and the energy she brought to the song made it a fantastic performance.

Next up were fifth graders Kaitlyn Ankrom-Hadden and Ryan Oppen. In a funny singing and drama performance, they performed “Popular” by Stephen Schwartz.

Then, eighth grader Alexandra Miller had a great performance of “Nobody Knows Your Heart” by Joe Hisaishi. After, freshman Kaylee Arenz performed a beautiful ballet dance.

Junior Elisa Scott filled the room by performing “How ‘Bout a Dance” by Frank Wildorn and Don Black.

The next performance was one to remember. Gavin Chaston, eighth grader, gave a twist to the show by singing all the elements of the periodic table.

From the musical “Honk” – that will debut in April –  was the song “Look at Him,” which was performed by nine of the actors in the show. It was really well performed with costumes to illustrate the different characters on the stage.

“I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz was performed by senior Naeema Preciado. The performance was really emotional and well-done.

Sixth grader Gracie Gamble sang “Castle on a Cloud,” followed up by a duet by juniors Rachel Hogan and Elisa Scott. Their voices went really well together, leaving the audience amazed.

“Someone Like You” was sang beautifully by senior Jaina Chaston. Afterwards, seventh grader Garrett Lindsey took over the scene with the song “L-O-V-E.”

Next was siblings – senior Ariel Daniel and sixth grader Gabriel Daniel – performing their last song together. Ariel describes how it is to perform on stage in a short interview:

The Horizon Sun: Are you nervous before you go on stage?

Ariel Daniel: I’m always kind of nervous to perform. It doesn’t really hit me until I’m on stage though. My little brother Gabe, on the other hand, his legs were shaking the entire show – he was so nervous. I felt so bad.

HS: How does it feel during the performance?

AD: It’s kind of nerve-wracking.

HS: How does it feel after the performance?

AD: Afterwards, I’m just glad that it’s over. It’s a huge wave of relief, and then I was really sad, because that was my very last performance with Gabe. We were both sad about it but glad we did it.

Freshman Stephanie Clark performed “Vilja” by Franz Lehar. She looked stunning in her white long dress and performed so well with high notes and perfect pitches.

The ending performance – full of singing and acting –  was the best possible finale. It was performed so well by the three sisters, senior Joy Pizorno, sophomore Bianca Pizorno, and sixth grader Isabella Pizorno.

Overall every performer did an amazing job at the PAE, by showing that Horizon Honors has a lot of talent when it comes to singing, acting and dancing.