Horizon Honors’ “A Night at Gatsby’s” Prom 2016

Horizon Honors’ 2016 Prom was on Saturday, April 16, at Tre Bella in Mesa from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m. Everyone was in their best dresses and suits, ready for “A Night at Gatsby’s.”


Caroline Lilleoer, Columnist

This year’s prom invited every junior and senior at Horizon to come and enjoy an eventful night at Tre Bella. The majority of the two classes was there, ready to dance away the night.

At the entrance was a red carpet leading the students to vote for prom princes, princesses, king, and queen. After submitting the vote, the carpet led students to the nightclub-like room where soft drinks and water were available along with snacks, including brownies. At the entrance was a photobooth giving people the opportunity to take memorable pictures, which were free. In the next room were sofas and tables for the people who needed a break from dancing or wanted to sit down and talk. The rest of the room was space for the dance floor, where most people were found.

Girls were dressed in the most beautiful long dresses in all different colors, and the boys were matching in their suits. Everyone looked absolutely astonishing. The music was played by a DJ in the very end of the room. Lights in different colors spinned around the dance floor, where almost everyone was dancing. A couple of slow dances were played as well, and gave couples the opportunity to just get a little closer and take a break from the beat music.

Prom King and Queen of the night were seniors Ariel Daniel and Frankie Romero. Prince and Princess were seniors Danielle Moran and Will Hughes. For juniors, the winners of Prince and Princess were Tiana Oster and Spencer Brown. They took the stage before dancing in couples to “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith. The dance continued, but at 12 p.m., it was time for everybody to go after a magical night.