Lady Eagles Soar Against Phoenix Country Day School

Horizon Honors’ middle school girls’ team proved victorious against Phoenix Country Day School with a 16-4 win.

Tommy Billings, Columnist

On Thursday, April 21, at 4:15 p.m, the gym was excited for the game to start, after PCDS almost doubled Horizon Honors’ score the day before at PCDS.

To start the game, PCDS won the tip-off, a pre-emptive strike. However, nobody could score apart from us, with a simple layup, making the score 2-0. However, it was an error-filled, defensive half. By the end of the half, the score was 4-2 Horizon Honors because of turnovers and poor shot selection by both teams.

However, when the second half began, both teams were determined to make their score rise. Within a minute, Horizon scored an easy jumper, but PCDS was on it, and they scored as well. The rest of the half was defense-filled, and both teams only scored two more points for themselves, making the score 8-4 Horizon Honors. PCDS decided to do a full court press, which Horizon Honors handled very well. They passed it down the court and made three easy shots, two with a foul.

The game ended 16-4, and Horizon Honors and our Lady eagles walked away happily. They finished up their season adding a second win to their record out of nine games.