A Night at the Art Show

As the year draws to a close, students in the arts show off their work.

Selina Fluty, Editor of Student Opinion

On Friday, May 20, students from Graphic Design, Multi-Media, Art, Guitar, and Culinary welcomed guests to Horizon Honors for the second art show of the year. From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., guests toured the school to view work from all students, whether they had years of experience in the classes, or were finishing their first year in the fine arts.

As visitors entered through the doors, students welcomed them and handed out papers to fill out throughout the show. These papers helped students gain credit for bringing people to the gallery. Culinary students offered delicious treats, such as maple and chocolate chip cookies. There were also brownies and gluten-free options available.

In the technology lab, Graphic Design students were able to show off the work they’ve done throughout the year. The links to each students’ website lead to a multitude of projects. Posters lined one wall of the room, a gathering of Graphic Design works that were based around interior design.

Next was the media center, where Multi-Media students presented games and websites they’d created during the semester. Ranging from adding modifications to games such as Minecraft, to coding through websites, students represented their skills and the effort they put into making these pieces.

Across the courtyard, more pieces were stationed in the art and community room, which were heavily decorated with a multitude of artworks. An interactive art piece included a wall with feathers drawn by students placed behind a chair with a bowl of colorful feathers. Guests were encouraged to take a feather and place it on the wall, creating a bright addition to the show. There was also an installation that worked with the charity Memory Project, which had students in art classes draw abused and neglected children with challenging lives around the world.

Down the hall, more artwork lined the walls to where the Guitar Showcase would take place at 6:45 p.m. There, students in Guitar performed several songs, from classics like “American Pie” to Russian folksong “Minka.” Seventh grader Xander Steverson performed the song “No More” as a special feature.

As the night drew to a close, all the guests were impressed and proud of their students’ artwork. “The best part of the art show is showing off our art to our peers and family,” eighth grader Camryn Marshall stated. “It’s really a great way to see what everyone’s been doing this semester.”