“I’ll See You Soon!”

My reflection over my years at Horizon Honors and a sincere goodbye to the place that I’ve stayed at the longest and my home.

Daisy Valentin, Website Administrator

Approximately 720 school days ago I would’ve never thought that I’d be walking across this stage that’d basically open a new door to a new chapter of my life. For the past four years of high school and five years at Horizon Honors, all I’ve wanted to do is get out of here and be done, but now with being seconds away from leaving, I’m finding it’s way too difficult. More than anything it’s a test for all the skills I’ve learned while being at Horizon Honors.

Over the course of high school, we build relationships with others but most importantly with ourselves. We learn and figure out who we as individuals want to be. As an eighth grade student who loved to write, I chose journalism as my first elective choice. Go back to freshman Daisy, late to her first day back at school, she walked into her daily class, journalism, nervously not knowing what to expect. Four years later, it’s become my favorite class, and I’ve fallen in love with the “island of misfit toys.” I’ve build several friendships and more than anything a family. Today, May 26, 2016, I’m sitting in my final day of journalism. It’s the time I’ve dreaded more than anything else in the world.  I can easily say that Mrs. Britt has opened my eyes and paved a clear path for my future. I hope that one day I can come back to Horizon Honors and see Mrs. Britt, who has helped me through many struggles, and tell her of my success.

High school has been an amazing experience. I’ll truly never forget the memories of Horizon Honors. I’ll always remember the smiles and laughs that I shared with people, whether it was with a close friend or just in passing through the hallway. The staff and student body has truly impacted me and created a strong person out of me. Being an Eagle, is one of the greatest gift I could ever ask for. Now being a Horizon Honors Alum, I can say that it’s a phenomenal blessing. Horizon Honors will always be in my heart. Thank you to everyone who pushed me to be the greatest I could possibly be and for never giving up on me. I’m not going to say goodbye because I’m not leaving for good, I know 100% for sure that I will be back to say “hello: again So for now let’s just say, “ I’ll see you soon!”

It’s approximately 6 p.m., on Tuesday, May 31, 2016 and it’s time to walk across that stage. The fours years that I’ve spent writing this book is finally coming to an end, so until next time… See you soon!