Sadie Hawkins Plays Ball

On Friday, Nov. 8, Horizon Honors held their sports-themed Sadie Hawkins dance from 7 to 10 p.m.


Hannah Browning

Seniors Tiana Oster and Aaron Tam pose for a picture in matching Cardinals jerseys.

Hannah Browning, Campus Life Editor

Students enjoyed dancing and hanging out with their friends at this year’s Sadie Hawkins dance. Unlike last year’s Sadie’s, this dance was sports themed instead of something more formal. In addition to this, the dance was held outside instead of in the MPR. For only $7, students could dance, play games, eat, and just have fun with their friends.

Last year’s Sadies was very different from this year’s, but the students seemed to like the new theme. To fit the theme, student council set up activities like a bean bag toss and some basketball hoops were hung on the walls. They also allowed students to throw around various inflatable balls, like volleyballs and baseballs. Sophomore Laura Millsap noted that “there weren’t any games [last year]” but “the games were fun.” The students definitely enjoyed being able to not only dance, but play games with their friends.

This dance was sports themed, and last year’s Sadie Hawkins dance was semiformal. Sophomore Rebecca Hamby shared a popular opinion, commenting that the theme was creative and she, “was skeptical at first but [actually really enjoyed it].” Junior Ghalia Khatib said, “I like the theme because it is more comfortable.” Although this dance was different than others, the students still had a good time and liked that they could move around easier because of the casual clothing, rather than being in more formal wear.

Overall, the students had a amazing time at the the dance. Seth Freymuth, junior, said his favorite part about the dance was the people, and Hamby agreed that she enjoyed getting to hang out with her friends and have a fun time.