A New (Camera) Angle

Make the most of your GoPro Hero4 with new modes and accessories.


Justin Kelliher

The GoPro Hero4 is a great investment for anyone who wants to get better pictures and videos.

Justin Kelliher, Columnist

GoPro is wildly popular for its high-quality video recording, despite its incredibly small size, which makes it easy to transport and access. This size makes it more convenient, and a number of accessories you can buy for your GoPro makes it even more versatile. The option to take burst shots (a flurry of shots in one short time frame) allows you to explore a ton of cinematic options with the camera. Some GoPro models are able to change certain features and do more than others, but they come with a price.

I own the GoPro Hero4. This model is second to the newest and has a lot of additional features. With the GoPro Hero4, users can change how the quality and resolution of videos and photos and how long takes for for each burst from the burst mode to take. The camera takes very high-quality videos and photos.

The GoPro is the most used action camera because of its mounting options; there are tons of accessories that allow you to attach the camera to most anything, including your dog. All you have to do is press the mode button twice to change from video, picture, and burst function. To change video quality, make sure your screen is on video and press the red button on the side of the GoPro, and go to the quality, so you make the most out of your recordings. I would recommend using modes 1080p and 1080p superview specifically, as I find that all the other options make for a pixelated image that is hard to watch.

Buying a GoPro can be an expensive investment as on Amazon the GoPro Hero4 is $350, but it is definitely worth the investment, especially if you use the head strap, hat mount, and regular mounts and clips, among other things. Alternately, you can purchase GoPro items (like dog mounts and military helmets) and packages for lower prices off of Amazon.