Opening Game for 2016 for Boys’ Soccer


Ethan Hurlburt

Horizon Honors’ senior Loren Ferguson prepares to kick the ball in the first half of the game.

Ethan Hurlburt, Columnist

What a hard-fought game it was on Nov. 29, as the Horizon Honors played ASU Prep. Both teams played aggressively, determined for a win. Just a couple minutes in, junior Ryan Holguin found an angle and guided the ball into the goal, raising the score to 1-0. Soon after, ASU Prep came back, scoring a hard-fought goal onto our side, tieing it into the half.

With the Eagles losing their lead, it was definitely not the time to put their heads down. Still in the second half, with a couple minutes left, the Eagles passed the ball down the field, and had some open shots, but still weren’t able to get the ball in. “Be patient and it will come to you,” said Coach Patrick Andrews. Their coach’s words had an impact on their performance, as they were driven with the same intensity into the overtime.

It was the start of overtime, and the Eagles started off looking very confident. At no point did they give up.  The team played great defense and was able to get a lot of open looks, but still wasn’t able to come up with a goal. Either way, they played a very aggressive and impressive game. The game ended with a tie, 1-1. Their upcoming game is at Arizona Lutheran Academy on Dec. 1 at 4:00pm.