“Why Does He Do That?”

Long-term therapist Lundy Bancroft’s book, “Why Does He Do That?,” looks inside the world of abusive relationships and teaches you everything you need to know about domestic abuse.

Selina Fluty, Editor of Student Opinion

“Why Does He Do That?” has largely been praised on social media, from blog posts to Amazon reviews, since 2002, when it was released to the public. Since then, it has been made available for free through PDF documents, rentals online, and discreetly being passed from one hand to another if someone couldn’t buy it themselves. The terms used throughout the book explain the signs, habits and control methods of men-on-women domestic violence in particular, but the book describes same-sex relationships and women-on-male abuse in separate chapters as well. Author Lundy Bancroft has been writing and discussing domestic violence for years after working in court-ordered therapy for abusive men for over 15 years at the time of writing “Why Does He Do That?”

Although the book is lengthy, it reads quickly, is informative, and uses real-life examples of abuse, testimonials, and various other resources throughout the writing. I’m a little over halfway through and it’s only been two days of reading in between the daily chores of life. Bancroft ensures that his work is thorough and careful, meant simply to explain how domestic violence works and how abusers keep their victims in check. Even if someone isn’t in an abusive relationship, this book is something I recommend to anyone and everyone.

At the heart of Bancroft’s matter, he’s just trying to explain why he (the person you’re in a relationship with) does a specific abusive thing. This doesn’t just mean physical violence, but verbal, emotional, sexual, and psychological abuse are all covered in-depth. He explains substance abuse and its role in domestic violence. Bancroft describes even how to leave an abuser. This book is a complete guide to surviving domestic violence, and since it’s easily available and simple to keep discreet, people who need this information can get to it. I’m impressed with the fact that every question you may have is already answered and explained. Just find the chapter (or skip the ones you don’t need to read), and it’s there.

Overall, “Why Does He Do That?” is something everyone should read. Since it’s available on Amazon, Google Books, and a plethora of apps, it’s simple and imperative to learn about domestic abuse, as it’s an issue that is far too common in society. Included here is a small excerpt from the book.