Softball Girls Saved from Striking out This Season

Despite almost having their season cancelled, Horizon Honors’ girls’ softball team managed to gain new players and work together as a team to win their first game with hopes to continue winning.

Hannah Browning, Campus Life Editor

Horizon Honors’ girls softball team had a rough start to their season, considering that their team was almost cut due to a lack of players. However, new players joined to ensure that the team could continue playing, and the team is hoping to win as many games as possible during their season while working to improve their playing.

The Horizon Sun: What experience do you have with softball?

Mirjam Werther, freshman: I can’t play it in Germany. We don’t have it, so I had to try it and I liked it.

Amber Fretwell, freshman: I’ve been playing softball for three years.

Kaitlyn Isom, freshman: None, actually. This is my first year playing ever.

McKenna Dunn, junior: I have been fortunate enough to play softball for the past 7 years. I started playing when I was ten in the Chandler Girls softball league and then in seventh grade I moved to playing school softball.

Sophie Davidson, freshman: Before joining this softball team, my experience in softball was little to none. Other than elementary P.E., it is my first time playing the sport.

Jacquelynn Mendoza, senior: I played when I was younger for one season and this is my second season playing for Horizon [Honors].

The Sun: Why did you want to play softball?

MW: I have a really good team, so when we go to games it’s a lot of fun, so it’s just cool to find new friends.

AF: Because when I was little, I would always watch my sister and just decided to try it out and I liked it.

KI: Because the school soccer season had just ended, I wanted another Horizon [Honors’] sport to do, and I wanted to do softball.

MD: I started playing softball when I was little. After seeing my mom play every week, I grew up on the sport. So when given the opportunity to play on a school team where I can make new friends and stay motivated, there was no chance that I would pass it up.

SD: The main reason I wanted to join softball was because I have never played it before, and since they needed more people I thought it might be a good reason for me to play. I always enjoyed playing it in P.E. but never got to spend that much time playing it.

JM: Because cheer season was over, and also for my great teammates.

The Sun: How is team morale?

MW: Really good. The team is really awesome and everybody’s nice.

AF: Our team morale is just great. It is lovely and we are one big happy family.

KI: It’s actually really good. There’s not a single person that doesn’t like each other.

MD: Our team morale has been great for the start of the season. As time goes on we are able to create connections with each other that make it easy to support and aid each other in any way needed.

SD: Our team morale consists of picking each other up and encouragement. We always will support each other and this allows us to play better in games because everyone is cheering on their teammates. Even if things aren’t going well, we always try keep a positive attitude.

JM: It is very supportive and we get along.

The Sun: What are your goals for the season?

MW: To have some runs, to hit the ball, and to get confidence. Even though I mess it up sometimes, it’s okay.

AF: Probably to get on base every time.

KI: We won our first game so we want to keep that going. We want to keep winning, obviously, and I’d like to hit a homerun, but who knows how that’s going to go?

MD: My main goal for this season is to create a good friendship and bond with my teammates. Additionally, I hope to have fun with the seniors for as long as I can before they graduate.

SD: My goals for this season are to continue to grow and become better at softball as it is a new sport for me, as well as have fun and practice as hard as I can to do well in games.

JM: To get our second win.

The Sun: Since the team has been saved from getting cut, how have practices and games been?

MW: Pretty good. We got some new players, like me, and so I mean we have a good team together, and it’s fun. I think the good thing is that everybody trusts each other even, though we are new and mess it up sometimes, we still trust each other.

AF: A little rough, but it’s okay, we’re one big happy family.

KI: Really good. We’ve gotten a lot better, to be honest. Practices, sometimes not very many people show up, and then other times it’s the whole team, but it’s actually really good. Super long [practices], but really good.

MD: Thanks to the wonderful people who have taken the initiative to come out and play with us, practices and games have been great. Since the majority of our girls are new, it has been fun to watch them grow into the great players I know they are.

SD: So far, practices have been going pretty well. Since we have some new players, including me, it has been challenge mainly for games, but we all work our hardest and do our best to learn the rules. The captains and more experienced players really take charge in a positive way, allowing our games to go more smoothly. There are definitely areas to improve on, but we are working our best in practice to make it happen.

JM:  Having come so close to not having a team and find people to join on short notice was a challenge, because some of the girls have never played before so it was new to them, but the practices have been great because they have improved since they first started. Game days are fun even if we lose; we are a still a team

The Sun: What have you learned from playing softball?

MW: I learned how to lead, talk to others and get to know each other, and I learned how to play softball.

AF: I’ve learned new ways to swing and throw a ball and slide and all those fundamentals.

KI: Everything that you have to learn to play softball. I’ve learned how to field and how to hit and everything.

MD: I have learned the the values of teamwork and respect, and how without it, success is limited.

SD: One main thing I have learned from softball is perseverance. It is easy to give up on yourself when you don’t hit or catch the ball, but it is important to keep trying to improve. I have learned to work through getting hurt, as it happens quite often, but at the same time knowing your limits so you don’t get further injuries.

JM: I have learned that teamwork and support is one of the most important things because we all have good and bad days, and cheering each other on keeps the energy up. Nothing is anybody’s fault because we win as a team and lose as a team.

Their next game is on April 4, 2017, against Veritas Preparatory Academy at 3:45 p.m. Make sure to go and support the team, so you can see how far they have come!