Fun and Creativity Unfold At Horizon Honors Origami Club

Get a look into Horizon Honors’ Origami Club through an interview with its founder seventh grader John Minium.



This Origami creation, perfect for the upcoming holiday of Easter, was recommended to me by John Minium of Origami Club. (The link to the full instructions is at the bottom)

Pradyoth Velagapudi, Managing Editor

John Minium, a seventh grader, started Horizon Honors’ Origami Club to share his passion for folding artful and impressive creations out of paper. Here is an exclusive interview with Minium, Horizon Honors’ origami master.

The Horizon Sun: What is Origami Club exactly? What do students get to do there?

John Minium: Students get to learn how to fold origami creations, such as geometric shapes, animals, fantasy creatures, or objects.

The Sun: How do you decide what the next creation will be?

JM: Usually, I post a few videos on [Google] Classroom and people will comment on which one they want to do.

The Sun: How long have you been doing origami? Is this a passion of yours? How often do you do it?

JM: I started about when I was seven or eight when I liked to fold paper airplanes, and I realized I could fold other things as well. I really like it; I fold a new creation every few weeks or so.

The Sun: What is your favorite origami thing to fold?

JM: I really like making dragons, or other fantasy creatures. And I like making animals, and I also like making polyhedrons, because those are really fun to put together.

The Sun: What is one tip you have for anyone who wants to fold origami?

JM: Start small, and learn the basics before you tackle any big projects. Otherwise, you will keep getting frustrated.

Origami club meets on Fridays at 2:30 pm in Mrs. Dietz’s room. Meetings last until 3:15 p.m., and attendees get to take home a finished creation after every meeting.

Above is an interesting creation that Minium recommended to me. With Easter right around the corner, this Origami rabbit is the perfect thing to decorate your egg basket! Click here for full instructions.