Summing Up Boys’ Volleyball

Horizon Honors’ boys’ volleyball team sadly fell to Cienega High School this past week but their accomplishments outweighed the loss.

Kylee Golden, Editor of Sports

The boys’ volleyallb team went to represent Horizon Honors at the championship game last week and unfortunately lost 15-11. It was hard for the team to end their season like that, but for most of the players, just being able to play in state was good enough for them.

The Horizon Sun: What have been your guys’ greatest accomplishments?

Jeremy Kollman, junior: I think that our greatest achievement was winning the Notre Dame Prep Tournament and getting our revenge against Seton Catholic, and obviously getting runner-up in Second Division in State.

Luke Butler, junior: Easily our greatest accomplishments include winning the Notre Dame Prep Tournament and beating Perry [High School]. The win over Perry is special because we were missing a captain, Kyle Murphy (senior), who got hurt earlier that day.

Trevor Weary, senior: It has to be making it to the championship. It’s a great accomplishment that shows we were dedicated to our work and had a drive to be the greatest.  

The Sun: How does it feel to have made it so far this past season?

JK: We obviously would have liked to win it all, but, as our coach said, not everything is going to go our way. I am extremely proud of the team and how far the program has come in just four years.

LB:  I still have a very bitter taste in my mouth from the State game, but it’s insane to think that a school with 400 kids could make such an impact in such a large division. I’m so proud of these guys.

TW: It’s an awful feeling to go so far and still come up short, but people still need to understand we did a great thing. I played great volleyball that game, and that’s something to be proud of.

The Sun: What will you remember most about this past season?

JK: I will definitely remember the State Championship game. That is not something I will experience ever again.

LB: I’m going to remember the times I had after practices and games getting food, and going as a team to scout the competition. There really is nothing I am going to forget. This truly was the best season of my life and I always had a good time.

TW: I’ll look back and remember all the scouting trips we took to watch other teams play, and just spend quality time with my teammates. On top of that I’ll reminisce on going to grab food after games, and just talk about stuff

The Sun: How did it feel to have all your peers supporting you throughout the season?

JK: We had awesome support from our bench and our fans. All the parents and students that came to the games are greatly appreciated.

LB: Making this team was a huge deal for me, and it means so much when I see my friends and family in the crowds cheering us on. It is a great feeling.

TW: It’s a great feeling, knowing that there’s people that believe in you, and encouraged us to be our best and just having that support group is nice knowing we have something to fall back on when we need help or food, or just taking the stress of our shoulder.

Although the boys’ season did not end the way they would have liked, it is not a representation of how hard they have worked or the amount of effort that they put in throughout the season. We are still incredibly proud of our team and wish the seniors the best of luck after they leave Horizon Honors.