Veteran Families

Brandon Bybee, Columnist

Many families have someone who has, or is, serving in the military. Others may not know what it is like for those families and the struggles that they go through. We need to support them in any way we can. We can help them by spreading knowledge of their stories, and telling others how they can help. One way to support the army is to participate in food drives that will send food to the soldiers out there. Here are the perspectives of some students whose families help or have helped keep our country safe.

The Horizon Sun: Who was/is the member of you family that works for the military?

Liam Perez, seventh grader: My uncle, Mark Lepp.

Kloey Kleinjans, seventh grader: My grandfather used to, my parents did, and my sister is thinking about it.

The Sun: How is life while living in a military family?

LP: I feel more protected around him. He was a tank commander, so he was pretty tough.

KK: There are some small differences from a normal family, one of them being a lot more army stories.

The Sun: Did you miss him when he was gone?

LP: I missed him when he was gone, and so did the rest of my family. It is fun when he is here because he watches videos of old wars with us.

The Sun: How is it now that he is retired?

LP: He has a child now, and he is very protective of that child. I believe he would do anything to protect our family and country.

The Sun: Will you miss your sister if she goes off to the army?

KK: I will miss her a lot. We always hang out and stuff and I will miss that.

Thank you to all the military families who are keeping our country safe. We appreciate all you are doing for us.