Classics Ruined by Their TV Counterparts

There have been numerous live remakes of classic movies such as “A Christmas Story,” “Grease,” and “Hairspray,” which shouldn’t have been made.

Xander Sharpe, Columnist

Remakes of classic movies have been a huge trend lately. I don’t mind the remakes of classic movies. There’s just one thing that bothers me, and that’s when they make live musicals out of true classic movies. True classics can be already pretty terrible as is, such as “Star Wars Holiday Special,” but that’s what’s so classic about them. If you create a remake, they’re just not as special.

If they make a terrible live movie, then you’ll always remember that. For example, the “Star Wars Holiday Special” was a terrible TV movie. When Star Wars fans think about that, they scoff at it. Of course, the classics will always be “the classics,” but this special basically ruins the reputation of them. When I watch “The Christmas Story,” I’ll still be thinking about that terrible live-television remake.

The live remakes of the classics have even won awards. This shouldn’t be happening because they’re not original. They’re just copies of the originals, but they change a few things. Those awards should go to other great TV shows. “Grease: Live” got the same amount of awards as a Home Box Office (HBO) show titled “Westworld,” according to Television Academy.

HBO shows are high quality and take a lot of time to make. They are also original and intricate. Live TV remakes shouldn’t be getting nearly as many awards as they’re getting. All they have to do is watch the movie they’re remaking and decide to change a couple of things. The simplicity of remaking a movie appears easy to the public eye, but sometimes it can be a difficult task. They still have to hire talented individuals, write a script that’s a little bit different, create their own props, and more. This doesn’t always mean the movie is going to be good though. In the future, I hope that TV stations decide to stop remaking (and ruining) these beloved classics.