A Hassle for Homework

Where is the best place to study?

Kalyn McLeod, Managing Editor

Every student has to do homework on a regular basis, whether they like it or not. This makes it important to have a comfortable, functional, and non-distracting environment to work in. Everyone has a specific spot that works for them, and each of those have different benefits and drawbacks. 

First, it is important to ask if the workplace is comfortable. It is hard to do homework when you are uncomfortable, but it is crucial to keep practicality in mind. A cozy soft recliner will help you relax, but is it functional? It doesn’t matter if you’re snug if you can’t get your work done because you fell asleep. A workplace also needs to be organized; otherwise, you will be searching for everything you need and get lost in all the chaos. And not only does it have to be comfy and functional, but random happenings can distract you. Being able to keep your focus may be the most important factor. Your environment needs to keep you focused so you get your work done faster and go do what you actually want to do.

Students were surveyed on where their favorite spot to do homework is. They were asked to rate this spot on a scale of one to ten, in three different categories: Is it comfortable? Is it functional? Does it distract you? 

Here is what our survey said:

According to the information gathered, the most comfortable spot is the bed. The most functional spot is the couch, but it is also the most distracting. And, although we offered an option of “other” to include places like coffee shops or libraries, no students selected those. If you want a good mix of everything, the floor may be a good choice. It’s the least distracting, plus you can sit in any position and spread out. It also comes in second place for the most functional spot.

At the end of the day, although these surveys show trends, you may focus best on the couch and can’t stand being on the bed. Experiment and see which spot works the best for you!