Community Service Around Campus

There are many opportunities for community service around the school, including through Key Club.


Sarah Kerr

A plarn mat, which is one of the ways to get community service hours.

Sarah Kerr, Columnist

Horizon Honors students are required to graduate with a total of 160 hours of community service, divided into 40 hours per year. That large time commitment can be hard to achieve for some, but there are thankfully several opportunities on campus for students to obtain those service hours. Now is the perfect time to catch up on your community service, as there are several current ways to get involved.

At Horizon Honors, Key Club is one such program where you can earn community service hours. The club is currently after school on Thursdays, and you can perform various service projects as a member. Currently, the club is working on plarn mats for the homeless. Other community service opportunities through this organization consist of time at Feed My Starving Children, volunteering for the Salvation Army, operating a back to school clothing drive, contributing to the Mountain Park Community Church food pantry and Phoenix Rescue Mission, and many more.

There are other ways to get community service. National Junior Honors Society (NJHS) and National Honors Society (NHS) require community service to remain active in the organization. There is a certain amount of community service hours that you have to get by the end of the semester or year. Hours obtained from activities in these clubs can be further applied to general community service obligations.

To learn more about community service at Horizon Honors, the Horizon Sun interviewed Mrs. Mindy Duet, who is in charge of Key Club.

(Editor’s note: responses have been edited for clarity)

The Horizon Sun: What community service projects are Key Club currently involved in?

Mindy Duet: Key Club serves the homeless and delivers hope bags to the homeless. We also adopt a group home for the holidays, help animals, pick up trash around our school, collect pajamas for kids’ hospitals, and walk around with kids with special needs at the state fair.

The Sun: Who started Key Club?

MD: A group of kids in 2013; they went from six kids to 100 kids in 10 years.

The Sun: What days do you guys meet?

MD: Key Club meets up every Thursday.

If you’re interested in Key Club, NJHS, or NHS, get involved. Even if you’re simply looking for something to do after school, community service is a great way to spend your time. The Media Center is currently working on plarn mats currently for the homeless, which is an excellent way to help.