Teacher Spotlight: Christi Britt


Britt smiling in her classroom during Journalism. She has spent 12 years at Horizon Honors so far.

Tyler Danner, Columnist

Christi Britt, Mrs. Britt, or just Britt (the latter being her preference), has taught at Horizon Honors for 12 years. Throughout her long career at Horizon Honors, she has taught several grade levels and classes, historically involving English. However, this year Britt focuses her talents elsewhere, teaching Journalism, Yearbook, and Graphic Design.  When asked about a favorite, Britt couldn’t choose, stating that she “[loved] them all equally.”

One might question why Horizon Honors would be her school of choice for so many years, but to her, the choice makes sense. Britt feels there are many reasons why Horizon Honors is special: “Horizon is focused on the whole student, there’s a lot of real-world application, and a lot of focus on understanding we’re all a part of something bigger – that, you can’t find everywhere.”

Scheduling changes have presented Britt with the challenge of teaching a wide array of grade levels at the same time. This may prove problematic for some teachers, but not for Britt who enjoys the addition. She claims, “It makes it fun and keeps things interesting.” When asked about teaching seniors she states, “They present a unique challenge – as does every grade level.  Many of them get to a point where they just want to be done.  They feel that they have lives to live and it’s very hard to keep them interested in academia when they’re thinking about college and wanting to move on.” But the seniors hold a dear place in Britt’s heart, and she has found that the hardest part of teaching them is watching them move on. “[sigh] I cry every year when they leave. Every year.”

Aside from her teaching abilities, there are many things about Britt that most students don’t know. Some include her being a professional salsa dancer, her affinity for making parachutes in her free time, and her childhood experiences in Indonesia. Britt has become an integral part of secondary education at Horizon Honors, and is called a favorite by many. She has high hopes for teaching new classes in the future, and hopes students for years to come will get to experience her teaching.