Is It Really a Wonderful Life? Fall Production Review


Photo credit: Devin Jones © 2013

Junior Chris Westersund plays the part of Sam in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Hannah McGerty, Columnist

Horizon Honors debuted its fall production of It’s a Wonderful Life on Friday, Nov 15. The story is quite simple. On Christmas Eve, a man who falls into a time of trouble and believes that the only solution is suicide. He is visited by a guardian angel who then takes him on a wonderful journey to show him the lives he has touched and how different life would be if he weren’t in it.

The play was very well put together and the props were definitely something to get excited about; such as an eight foot bridge made all from the hands of the drama production team. But for me, the best part was the actors who portrayed their characters very well. Dylan Freymuth played ‘George Bailey’; the main character who didn’t believe in giving up until he ran out of money for his business.

I personally know some of the actors and actresses who had parts in this production and it was really fun to see the change from a normal Horizon Honors student to a 1945 townsperson. It is obvious that a lot of hard work was put into this production, and it paid off.

I am highly anticipating the drama department’s next production of The Sound Of Music in the spring. Overall, I have to say, it really was a wonderful life.