Alerting all alumni


Kelleigh Hogan, Editor-in-Chief

Horizon Honors is starting to track down alumni from their previous 14 graduating classes. In the past five days of their campaign, they have found around 70 alumni.

Horizon Honors’ first graduating class was in 1999 with 12 seniors and has grown since then. Melissa Hartley, Director of Communications and Marketing, says there are two main reasons for finding alumni. The first is genuine concern on what they are doing today, the colleges they attended, and perhaps their current job. The second is to ask for these alumni to return to the school and help by volunteering or donating. Although an exact number of graduates is unavailable, it is estimated that there are slightly under one thousand alumni.

Hartley has been busy contacting these alumni in a variety of ways. So far, they have primarily emailed the parents of these former students. The school is also utilizing social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. However, Horizon Honors is hoping word of mouth will also help reach these students.

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