Dress Code Trial Week

Students around campus were excited for the dress code trial week, in which students were allowed to wear more comfortable attire with a possibility of the trial dress code being adapted for next year.


Photo Courtesy of Joseph Grosjean

Junior Cam Oakes is sporting some attire that you wouldn’t normally seen at Horizon. As the week comes to a close one question remains on everyone’s mind: Is this new dress code here to stay?

Jake Matise, Sports Editor

The moment students around campus had been waiting for, the dress code trial week, had finally arrived. Students were finally able to wear logos, as well as athletic shorts and sweatpants. Most importantly, if the students of Horizon Honors have proven they can handle it, the trial dress code could become Horizon Honors’ new dress code for next year.

Personally, I feel that having the trial dress code implemented would be great for the students of Horizon Honors. It gives kids the opportunity to express themselves, which is something essential not only to the well-being of teenagers, but to the values of Horizon Honors. It also lets kids wear more comfortable clothing to school, and who doesn’t want to be comfortable?

Since this is my first year at Horizon Honors, the dress code seemed strange to me originally, due to the fact that the dress code at my old school was pretty much the same as the one for Horizon Honors’ trial week. Although this school’s original dress code is completely acceptable, the trial dress code is superior in my mind and, it seems, in the minds of other students as well.

During the trial week, the majority of my classmates were wearing either logos, athletic wear, or both. I believe this is beneficial to the student body because it isn’t always easy to find clothing without logos, and next year new students wouldn’t have to go on the hunt for new clothes. Should the trial dress code be implemented, it would save families money while letting the students express themselves at the same time.