Talent Show Highlights

Kalyn McLeod, Columnist

In the midst of a pandemic, it’s nearly impossible to create a fun event, but Horizon’s Middle School Student Council was able to put on a unique virtual social. It started off with some intense bingo games, and a snack time challenge. Other fun events like a paper airplane contest took place, but the real highlight was the talent show portion.

There were so many amazing talents and performances, but a few students really stood out. The talent show started off strong with an amazing piano performance by seventh grader Sarah Spresney, who wowed the crowd with a beautiful piece. The musical talent continued as eighth grader Sowmya Velayutham played the guitar and sang an inspiring original song called “Home.” The most unique talent of the show was by far Wrenn Masing, grade eight, who taught her cat to use a fidget spinner. One of the best things about this event being virtual was the fact that videos and time lapses could be submitted as well. Because of this we got to see some amazing art. Seventh grader Luna Ruiz made an amazingly cute drawing by hand. The art wasn’t just on paper: seventh grader Maya Wells showed off her digital art skills with a magnificent drawing of Billie Eilish. Seventh grader Charlie Maguire finished off the night with another unique talent. She made tiny house dioramas that looked professionally crafted.

Overall, the social and talent show was a success. The talent was overwhelming, and it was a fun event for all. The student council did an amazing job putting together this social, and we can’t wait to see what they do in the future!