Winter Wonderland in a Jar

Instead of being in a snowstorm, why not make one yourself! This easy to make, inexpensive, and adorable little blizzard is perfect as a little decoration in any household.


Create your own piece of wintry scenery with this simple DIY.

Brandon Bybee, Columnist

Every family wants decorations for their house when the holidays come around, but they are usually so expensive that many don’t want to waste money on them. With a mason jar, some water, and just a few more simple materials, anyone can make a trinket to put around the house at a very low price.


  • Small mason jar
  • Water
  • Hot glue
  • Glitter
  • Plastic figurines


Clean out mason jar.

Hot glue figurines onto the inside of the lid.

Wait for hot glue to dry.

Fill jar with water.

Add one tablespoon of glitter.

Screw on lid tightly and carefully.


These little homemade snow globes are perfect as a gift, or just as a decoration to put around your house. They are inexpensive, easy to make, and will be a happy surprise for anyone who receives them as gifts!