Ty Larsen, Columnist

Recognizing what you are grateful for is important, especially during times like these. I am grateful for my whole family because if I am going through anything I can tell them and they will help me, and make me feel better.

Likewise, I am also grateful for my soccer teammates. If I am stressed about not getting homework done or it’s hard, I know I have soccer. I can go to soccer and have a good time and not think about the work for an hour and a half. The third thing I am grateful for is being in in-person school. Online school was hard for me because there were a lot of distractions at my house, including my dog and my phone. Adding on to that, if the internet connection was bad, I would get behind on the lesson or instructions and would have to figure out what we were doing. With in-person school, I can learn much better and stay on task in all of my classes for 100% of the time. The fourth thing I am grateful for is my dog Freddy. He is very nice and sweet, and if I am bored or tired I can go to Freddy and be with him. The last thing I am grateful for is food, because around 821 million people don’t have enough food to support themselves or their families. Meanwhile, I have access to a cabinet full of food. Plus, I have the opportunity to have a feast on thanksgiving.

To sum it up, I am grateful for my family because they make me happy, my dog  for bringing so much joy to my life, my soccer teammates because they are fun and provide good energy, and finally food because a lot of people around the world do not have as much as I do. Those reasons are why I am grateful for everything happening in my life.