A Trip to the Moon

The final days to submit your Artemis Moon Pod essay for a chance to win a trip to the Kennedy Space Center.



The Artemis Moon Pod Essay Contest is ending soon, so try your hand at winning some awesome prizes!

Kalyn McLeod, Managing Editor

NASA is taking remote learning to a whole new level, all the way to the moon! NASA worked together with Future Engineers to create the Artemis Moon Pod essay contest. The contest participants are tasked with writing a short essay about their dream team to explore the moon’s surface, and make life changing discoveries!

But before you write your essay, here are some important requirements and details to know and include. Essays will be judged based on grade level with three different judging groups: K-4, 5-8, and 9-12. Your essay cannot be longer than 100 words  for the K-4 group, 200 words for the 5-8 group, and 300 words for the 9-12 group. In your essay make sure to include specific details about your crew like the number of people on the team, and what traits and skills made them the best person for the team. Give a short explanation of what your crew would do on the moon, and what technology they would lead for more discoveries. It is important to do research before writing and Future Engineers have provided sources to help you along. The deadline to submit your essay is Dec. 17, so make sure you have time to research, write, and edit.

Every participant will be invited to a virtual event put on by NASA with an astronaut guest speaker! For each grade level there will be 52 semi-finalists who will receive four virtual Artemis explorer sessions with NASA and an Artemis prize pack. Then three finalists will be selected, winning a free trip to the Kennedy Space Center. The grand prize winner will get to watch the first Artemis-1 launch.

This contest is an amazing experience, and the chance to watch the Artemis-1 launch is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Every participant wins something, and gets to learn a little more about the moon and space. There is nothing to lose so go and start your mission.