Which Art Brand is the Finest and Why?

There are millions of different art and school supply brands in the world, including Crayola, CraZ-Art, Prismacolor, Copic, and much more. But which brand is the best for different items and why?


Grace Freed

There are various art brands out there, but which one has the best quality?

Grace Freed, Columnist


Some well known marker brands are Copics, Crayola, Prismacolor, Shuttle art, and Artify Art. But which marker brand is the best, on the report of Art LTD Magazine, Copic markers are the best markers of 2020, and are the most popular as well. Based on reviews and ratings, the brand Copic has the best and most well-known. These markers are so great because of their ink quality, as the ink doesn’t clump up like other markers. Copic markers individually cost six to eight dollars.

Brush Pens

As stated by Art LTD Magazine, Benicci watercolor brush pens are the best quality brush pens.  People like this brush pen kit because it comes with refillable markers that are very vibrant and suit many different art types including painting, watercolor, and calligraphy. The pens also have a flexible tip and a fine tip which brings more people to this pen. Benicci brush pens cost around 23 dollars for a set of 26.

Hard Pastel Pallets

There are many different types and brands of crayons, but which brand is the absolute best? As claimed by Art LTD Magazine, Prismacolor 27051 palette is considered the best brand for hard pastel pallets. The reason for this is because the pastels have exceptional color saturation and can be used wet or dry. It also is excellent for blending and shading, and most importantly it’s less dusty then other pastels. Prismacolor pastels usually go between ten to 95 dollars depending on how many come in the case.


The most viewed and best brand of crayons is Crayola according to Insider, because the crayons are washable which is very good for young children who may color on themselves or somewhere besides the paper given. This is the main reason for the crayons popularity. Clearly, however, the best crayon isn’t totally based on the quality. Depending on how many crayons you purchase the price is normally around five to 14 dollars.


The most popular and best highlighter brand, according to Art LTD Magazine, is Sharpies. Sharpies have vibrant colors and the ink is very pigmented. The Sharpie highlights very smoothly, lasts a long time, and doesn’t bleed through paper. A set of 12 Sharpie highlighters are only five dollars on Amazon although other online stores can go for more.


Pencils are a necessity, but which brand really is the best for school? According to New York, Dixon Ticonderoga is the best because the pencil is very good for children to start learning to write. To prevent pushing down on your pencil, the pencil has a fatter body. The pencil also has a soft core (better for coloring and good quality while hard core is more for sharpness) and a good eraser. The price of these pencils are only seven dollars when bought individually.

Colored Pencils

Many artists use colored pencils and, according to Art LTD Magazine, the best colored pencils are Stabilo Carb-O. The reason being is that the colored pencils lend soft and subtle hues for dramatic and artistic effects. Also, the pencils are blendable and have workable pastel colors. The pencils also offer a wide selection of pastel colors and allow you to create soft hues and defined lines. These colored pencils are an amazing quality and go for 30 dollars on Amazon.