Ending a Reading Slump

Reading slumps may seem endless, but they can be managed.

Try these tips to get back into the joys of reading.

Cushing-Malloy Book Manufacturer

Try these tips to get back into the joys of reading.

Sierra Perlmutter, Columnist

Reading slumps are periods of time where a person loses interest in reading and finds it hard to engage in books. While finding a book to end this may seem impossible, there are many different approaches to this problem.

One way to end a reading slump is to try reading a short book or novella. This is helpful because there won’t be pressure to read a long story. After finishing one book, sometimes it’s easy to find and read more because of the sense of accomplishment. Once you start out small, you’re able to move up and read longer works.

Another way to end a reading slump is by reading something with a simple plot. Attempting anything too complicated may confuse a reader enough to just put down the book altogether. It may be easier to start with something simple and then work up to a more complex book.

Reading something you’ve been meaning to read for a while is another method of leaving a reading slump. If nothing new seems interesting, it makes sense to go back to books that may have been in a “want-to-read” pile for a while.

One last tip is switching genres. Reading copious amounts of the same genre can eventually make all of it seem dull. Switching to an unfamiliar style can help give a reader an idea of what they like and don’t like when it comes to reading.

Different methods will work for different people. If, for you, a reading slump means you need to take a break from reading, then do that! According to Biblio Lifestyle, “Sometimes all you need is some time away from books.”

Excessive reading can lead to burnout for some people, and sometimes taking a break from reading is just what you’ll need to start reading again later.