An Evening at Sports Center


Rob Dixon

Seventh grader Preston Asher plays basketball in the hallway outside of the multipurpose room during the Middle School third quarter social. More people were inside enjoying the music and food.

Lauren Bander, Columnist

On Feb. 21 at 6 pm, Radio Club started to play Lady Gaga’s Applause as Student Council finished putting drinks out on a table marked “Concession Stand.” With baseballs, bats, and sports team decorations on the wall, the theme was definitely easy to pinpoint.

For the first hour, only music was played (with basketball available in the hallway outside the multipurpose room). Friends danced and belted out their favorite songs (which more often than not were from Disney’s Frozen). But then, eighth grader Bianca Pizorno announced the Candy Walk. Around 40 people walked on sports-themed pictures in hopes of hearing their names to win candy at the end of the social. There were 12 lucky winners.

Following the Candy Walk, Pizorno announced that a group game of Medic would take place and excitement immediately swept the whole room.

Medic was very popular. It was set up so that there would be two teams of four playing in each of the eight games that lasted a minute or two. And with each game, there was a new level of competitiveness. Balls flew around the makeshift “court” and hit almost every person playing. Everybody seemed to have a good time. “It was fun,” said seventh grader Monica Ganev. “I got really hyper.”

And as the energy died down with a few slow songs, people grabbed their friends and began dancing, mostly imitating slow dancing. There was just enough energy left for one last song: the Cha Cha Slide. Although the Cha Cha Slide brought with it the end of the night, everybody excitedly made their way out of the multipurpose room doors, ready to head home from the exhausting yet enjoyable social.