Madeeha Akhtar
Madeeha Akhtar is currently an eighth grader at Horizon Honors and a columnist for The Horizon Sun. Akhtar came to Horizon in seventh grade, and this is her second year of Journalism. Akhtar is 13 years old and has a cockatiel named Shadow. She is a middle child with two sisters. Akhtar enjoys doing art, playing piano, ice skating, and writing. She is also a huge animal lover and wants to help them when she grows up. Akhtar also loves to volunteer and has been doing so for many years. Akhtar has an interest in Ancient History and enjoys reading about different mythologies and cultures. She is a big reader, and some of her favorite books are “The Hunger Games” Trilogy, The “Percy Jackson” Series, and “The School for Good and Evil.” Akhtar is very excited to begin second year with The Horizon Sun.

Madeeha Akhtar, Columnist

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