“Dare” to Remember

The 2014-2015 yearbook is full of fabulous pictures of events, staff, and friends. Here are some highlights.

The Horizon Honors 2014-2015 yearbook came out May 15.

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Deitchman

The Horizon Honors 2014-2015 yearbook came out May 15.

Lauren Bander, Columnist

This is probably the most bittersweet time of the year. School is ending, but that means we have to say farewell to our friends. And if they’re seniors or they’re leaving the school, it may be a while until we see them again. Luckily, there’s a way to remember them: the yearbook. It’s put together nicely this year, with 99% of student coverage.

The yearbook was really fair with their distribution of coverage. All eight sections (plus an index) had good amounts of photos for all that they needed. I like the distribution of photos for each subject–there didn’t seem to be any favored pages and whatnot. The structure of the collages were nice, too. They are kind of like an organized chaos, with pictures everywhere, but certainly formulated in a specific order, safe in their own boxes. It looks clean and pleasing to the eye.

I also appreciated how much personality they put into it. Many students were interviewed and asked questions, with their answers put on specific yearbook pages. “What emoji describes you?” is on pages 16-17. “Who is your best friend at Horizon? How long have you known each other?” is on pages 22-23. But the interviews didn’t end with those random, fun questions. Throughout the “People” pages, students in each grade had to answer a Q and A, listed on page 29. There was even one for the staff!

That’s another thing that I approved of: how much staff was in it. Students can sometimes get caught up in themselves and only focus on their peers. But this time around, it was impossible to forget our teachers! They were pictured at events with students, representing clubs, being interviewed. On page 7, even some of the fun things that decorate their desks were highlighted.

The 2014-2015 yearbook has it all. They’ve captured school events all throughout the year and shown everybody more than once. It’s fun to look back and remember times from this year and see how everyone has changed. Use this to reflect on your current self, now and years to come.