Tips from the Survivors: Advice for Classes Next Year

You may be nervous about your classes next year, but you have nothing to worry about, especially if you follow the advice given to The Sun by students who took the class this year.

Nate Hernandez, columnist

After Thursday, students will have seven weeks of summer break, then it’s back to school with new courses, teachers, and a new and more demanding workload. These new courses can seem intimidating, but there are little things that can be done to ensure the Horizon Honors’ standards of pushing students to their full potential are met. Here are the tips and tricks on how to make it through some classes from a few students:

English 9: “Read your books.” Matthew Butler, freshman

Algebra 1-2: “Take extremely good notes and review them for tests and quizzes because you will have one for each unit.” Alexa Page, freshman

Advanced Composition: “Research and become familiar with your debate topic when you  do debates in class.” Molly Taylor, sophomore

Geometry: “Make sure to write all postulates and theorems in your PPT.” Will Goff, sophomore

Art: “Do all of your sketchbooks, and definitions, you can’t forget those.” Xavier Acuna, freshman

Journalism: “Use your time wisely on writing your articles.” Danielle Moran, junior

Guitar/Band/Choir: “Get every practice record in every week.” Gretchen Hoeffer, freshman

Multimedia: “Use your time wisely when doing each project.” Spencer Brown, sophomore

Biology: “Those five-point homework assignments, do those.” Kennedy Pierce, sophomore

Chemistry: “Notes are key to understanding everything in Chemistry.” Emma Martin, sophomore

World History: “You will need to turn in notes, so take them.” Jackson McCoy, sophomore

World History AP: “Be prepared for the [largest] workload you have ever had.” Molly Taylor, sophomore

Physics: “Do your homework, especially the readings, because if you don’t, you will be extremely lost in class.” Marisol Andrade-Munoz, junior

Algebra 3-4: “Make sure you do all your homework, and pay attention.” Daisy Valentin, junior

American Experience: “Participate in class, and make sure to do your homework in preparation for the class, because it’s useful in-class discussions.” Zach Asato, junior