Horizon Honors’ Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team Never Stops

The Horizon Honors’ boys varsity basketball team suffered a loss of 59-36 on Friday, Dec. 11.


Photo Courtesy of Ilaria Cobb

The Boy Varsity Basketball team follows the ball down court.

Ilaria Cobb, Columnist

Horizon Honors’ boys’ varsity basketball team played a game against Yuma Catholic High School at Horizon Honors on Friday, Dec. 11, at 7:00 p.m.. They played well but were unable to pull out the win.

The game started, and Yuma Catholic won the tip off. We were quick to foul, and as a result, the other team was granted two free throws. This resulted in a score of 0-2 with Yuma Catholic in the lead. However, Horizon Honors was quick to respond, and Horizon Honors tied up the game with a two-point shot. A brief timeout was held and the cheerleaders excited the crowd. Immediately after the timeout, Yuma Catholic received two more free throws; both were missed. The Eagles quickly got into action, and two baskets were made. The other team was allowed free throws leaving the score at 7-4, Horizon Honors.Yuma Catholic fought back and, nearing the end of the first quarter, changed the game. The final score for the first quarter was 7-8, Yuma Catholic.

At the beginning of the second quarter Yuma Catholic furthered their lead with a two-point shot and two free throws making the score 7-13, Yuma Catholic. Our team was allowed two sets of free throws one after the other bringing the score closer at 10-16. Yet, another timeout was taken, and directly Horizon Honors scored two more points on a free throw, making the score 12-19. Towards the end of the second quarter, Yuma Catholic scored 13 points; while we struggled to gain possession of the ball during this time, we only increased our score by two. The final score was 14-32. Halftime was called, and the cheerleaders performed a stunt and led a halftime cheer.

During the third quarter, we increased our score quickly, but unfortunately so did Yuma Catholic. Yuma Catholic led with the first point but Horizon Honors returned quickly, making the score 16-34. Yuma Catholic scored once more, but we fought back four more points in total were scored before Yuma Catholic scored again. A similar pattern went on throughout the rest of the quarter, and the final score was 28-40 Yuma Catholic.

During the fourth period, Yuma Catholic scored 11 points prior to the first timeout, while we only scored two. The score was 30-51 Yuma Catholic. Following the timeout, Yuma Catholic continued to increase their lead they made two two-point shots, making the score 30-56. Horizon Honors kept playing their game and scored a two point shot. We received two sets of free throws making the score 35-56. With free throws given to the other team, their lead increased making the score 35-59. In the final minutes, we received a free throw making the final score 36-59.

Though Horizon Honors fought hard we were not able to pull out the win, but well done to all those who contributed to the team.