16 Fundraising Ideas for the 2016 Relay for Life

If you are participating in Horizon Honors’ Relay for Life and unsure of how to fundraise, here are 16 different ideas to get plenty of money to give to the American Cancer Society!


Photo Courtesy Of Ilaria Cobb

The emblem for “Relay For Life” that holds hope for many. Only with donations from people like us.

Kelleigh Hogan, Editor-in-Chief

Horizon Honors’ Relay for Life is on Friday, Feb. 19, and for all those on teams, that means that you need to get fundraising. You at least need to give $10 to participate in the event and $25 to stay past 9 p.m. (if you are in high school). If you are feeling stumped on how to fundraise for this event that gives its proceeds to the American Cancer Society (ACS), then look at these 16 fundraising ideas!

Ask: Of course, the best way to fundraise money is to ask everyone you know. Whether it be through email, through letter writing, or in person, encourage friends and family to donate money – and it will be tax-deductible!

Baby-Sit: Take a couple of babysitting jobs with the purpose of giving the money you earned to ACS. Work together with a couple of members from your team to host a group babysitting service.

Party with a Purpose: Host a party, whether it be a birthday party or just one in general, and ask guests to donate money to ACS. Play party games where the losing team has to give a dollar. You can also ask for donations as gifts.

Garage Sale: Clean out your room or attic or whatever form of storage you have and host a garage sale. Put on posters that all proceeds will go to ACS and that everyone’s donations will be greatly appreciated.

Food from Home: Organize a week with your friends where none of you buy lunch or coffee in the morning and instead all proceeds will go to fundraising for ACS. This could be expanded to cooking for your family instead of ordering out and having them donate money to ACS!

Bake Sale: If you consider yourself an amazing baker, host a bake sale with all profits fundraising for Relay for Life! Or you can ask for help from someone who can bake!

Crafts: For those who fancy themselves to be crafty or artistic, make blankets, paintings, or whatever you are talented at making and sell it!

Game Night: Host a game night and make everyone pay a dollar to play a game! Have the losers of the game pay another dollar and, by the end of the night, you’ll have plenty of money to donate to ACS!

Odd Jobs: Offer to help neighbors or family with yard work, like mowing lawns or taking down Christmas lights, with all proceeds going to ACS!

Percentage of Sales: If you know a small business owner, ask them if they could donate a percentage of their proceeds for a day or for a week. Be sure to thank them and promote the business!

Sign Relay Shirt: If you fundraise $100, you get a shirt from Relay for Life, so tell people if they donate to your fundraising cause, you’d like them to write on the shift with who they are dedicating their donation to! This is a great opportunity to honor loved ones who have been affected by cancer in some form!

Scavenger Hunt: Look online for different fundraising scavenger hunts. These normally involve finding different people and asking them to donate to ACS! Here is a link to one that is specifically for Relay for Life: https://relaynation.relayforlife.org/files/1885.

Super Bowl Party: With the Super Bowl coming up, host a party and ask guests to donate! You could also play different Super Bowl party games getting donations from each of those!

Scratch Cards: Create your own version of lottery ticket scratch cards where the amount that someone scratches out is how much they have to donate.

Coin Jar: Have a coin jar in your house where members of your family put coins from their pockets or bags in after each day or where coins from the laundry go.

Social Event as a Team: With your team, host some sort of larger event – like a silent auction, car wash, or ice cream social – with all proceeds again going to ACS.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck! Be sure to check out the ACS website to see prizes and to determine restrictions on different aspects of fundraising!