Celebration at the Science Center

Horizon Honors’ 20 Year Celebration, held at the Arizona Science Center, proved to be a great success.

Sophia Selin, Columnist

When Horizon Honors’ families heard that the beloved Spring Fling had been canceled for this year and that the annual celebration would instead be the 20 Year Celebration at Arizona Science Center, some were disappointed. But after a night filled with fun, friends, and new discoveries, it is safe to say that most had a change of heart. Guests started to arrive at around 6:30 p.m., ready to explore the museum.

As an extra bonus for people who wanted to add a little more excitement to their visit, there were different shows or demonstrations that had tickets that could be purchased for an extra amount of money. One of these shows, my personal favorite, was an astronomy presentation in the Science Center’s theater; its speaker mixed education and fun in a tasteful way. At the end, we were able to ride a “space roller coaster,” but in order to understand what that is, I guess you will just have to go to the show yourself.

All of the usual exhibitions were open, some busier than others. Although most of the parts of the exhibitions were open for play to everybody, only a few of the interactive demonstrations had restrictions. On top of all the greatness, it wasn’t only just a normal trip to the Science Center, it was only Horizon Honors’ Eagles! It was a really nice feeling of community to be walking around and easily bump into one of your friends or classmates. It gave the whole event a very cozy vibe.

In honor of Horizon Honors’ 20 year anniversary, certain locations were decked out in their Horizon Honors’ gear. Balloons, banners, and streamers were all part of the ensemble. And the building wasn’t the only one who had put on the school’s colors: a majority of the attendees had a Horizon Honors’ shirt or Horizon Honors’ merchandise on, and the rest were sporting their Horizon Honors’ colors. Although there was no food supplied at the event, there were good restaurants nearby the science center – though they had quite a wait – conveniently scattered around the general area.

The change in location and atmosphere appeared to be a positive one according to many. It was great to see all of Horizon Honors’ Eagles there wishing the school a happy birthday.