Film Club’s Featurette

For the past year, students from Film Club organized together to shoot a 20-minute film.

Sophia Selin, Columnist

Over winter break, Film Club students gathered together to write the script for their 20-minute production “Remember Me.” Teacher and club sponsor Bethany Neel, along with her filmmaker husband Justin Neel, helped to film after school, and provided us with an interview.

The Horizon Sun: What is the movie about?

Bethany Neel: The movie is about a popular boy who is trying to find out who he really is as a person. He meets a girl at school and realizes some new things about himself. There is a fun twist at the end!

The Sun: What is your favorite part?

BN: The twist!

The Sun: Who are some of the people in it?

BN: Noah Weiss, Elisa Scott, Seth Freymuth, Ben Riddle, Kelly Heiberger, and many more!

The Sun: What type of movie is it?

BN: A high school drama.

The Sun: What types of elements are used?

BN: We used a professional camera to film, and used different techniques for filming. We filmed on campus.

The Sun: How long have you been working on it?

BN: Students started writing the script over winter break, and we started filming the last few weeks.

The Sun: What do you feel that the students have most progressed in during the shooting?

BN: I feel that students really have understood the hard process of filmmaking. They did an excellent job with each step and staying focused and professional through all of it. It was very fun too!

The Sun: Were there auditions?

BN: Nope! The actors were all a part of Film Club.

The Sun: What is your favorite memory of shooting it?

BN: My favorite memory is all the hard work and fun we had! It was hard to shoot things at the right time, and to make it perfect. We had a lot of laughs and lots of fun!

While the rough cut has been completed, it will not be available yet due to an editing process during the summer. The film should be released sometime within the next year.