Track and Field Season


Picture of Mikaela Martin taken by Stephanie Holland, 2012

Carter Robinson, Sports Editor

As the basketball and Soccer seasons come to a close, the athletes on the Horizon Honors Track and Field team are ready to begin their season. The Track and Field  team is currently gearing up for the first meet; the athletes will be taking part in 100 (m) meter, 200m, 400m, 800, 1600, 3200, 4×100,4×400, long jump, shot put, and discus. The students begin each practice with their daily warm up, and they all participate in conditioning. After conditioning, the throwing team disperses from the event runners and they focus more on enhancing their shot put and discus skills, while the runners focus on beating their previous times. When I asked Coach Beets about the upcoming season, she had nothing but praise for her athletes. “We have a lot of talented team members who will being pushing themselves to PR (personal record) and try events they won’t normally do.” She is very excited for the new season to start.

Mikaela Martin, grade 11, runs the mile and two mile. “I like track because it brings people together that would normally not hang out. I don’t have any classes with anyone on the team but through all our hard work and accomplishments, we all bond with one another,” Martin told me about her teammates. This season the team captains are Samantha Weeman, April Vidal, Stephanie Holland, Kai Knight, Matthew Drapkin, and Trent Van Gorp. Unfortunately there will not be a home track meet; the closest will be held at Valley Christian on March 5th and March 13th. Hope to see you there to support your fellow Eagles!