Big Dreams for the Donation Drive

Allyssa Gauer, Columnist

Over the course of occasional lunch meetings within the past few months, HeForShe has designed a drive with the help of Student Council to benefit women staying at the Dream Center. The members of  HeForShe, under the guidance of club president and junior Rebecca Hamby, are determined to help others, so they put their intelligence, kindness, dedication, and perseverance to the test and created an opportunity for students to aid those in need.

The Horizon Sun: How did the drive start?

Rebecca Hamby, Junior: Our club right now, HeForShe, has been really looking into ways that we can get involved in the community and make a greater impact than just within our school. So, one of our members, Kendra Fuller [junior], mentioned that her church had volunteered there once [with] a similar donation drive, and then got to go and see what the organization was doing. When she described it to us, we thought it was a really awesome opportunity. We just started with that, and here we are.

The Horizon Sun: What was your role in starting the drive?

RH: I’m the president of HeForShe, so it was talking through the idea, figuring out details, and then I wrote a proposal [for administration], and [then] the time came and we decided to partner with Student Council. I proposed [the idea] to [them] also.

The Horizon Sun: When did you decide to do the drive? Did you have any help from other clubs?

RH: We started talking about it back in January, and so then it was just the process of figuring out details and getting it approved and then making it all come together. Especially when it’s a smaller club, [it takes a while to set up and work everything out]; but, we actually got to partner with Student Council because it’s a bigger organization within the school, so it’s a lot of work, but I think it will definitely be worth it.

The Horizon Sun: Where are the donations going?

RH: Donations will go to the Dream Center. It’s in Phoenix, and it will go to the women staying there, and it also might go to their other branches, but [again] it’s just a really awesome opportunity we have to give back to the community.

The Horizon Sun: What inspired you to begin the drive?

RH: Just the purpose of the [drive] itself, which is just equality. And, this sounds cheesy, but just making the world a better place, like improving the world through what we can do and giving ourselves a bigger purpose. [This] was one of the [things] we felt was right to do.

The Horizon Sun: What are some things students can donate?

RH: A lot of it is toiletries, [like]  shampoo, feminine hygiene products, toothbrushes, just anything. It’s a really awesome organization because they provide the shelter and all the amenities, food, and water, but it’s important to us that we do our part and also provide some other basic needs.

The Horizon Sun: How many donations are you hoping for?

RH: We haven’t even suggested anything like that at the moment, just because we are a fairly new club, and we’re a very small club. I mean, my dream is to get that whole box in the front office filled and to just be able to bless the Dream Center with that. But it’s [only] our first real big event so we don’t have any crazy goals we’re trying to fulfill just yet.

HeForShe is filled with amazing people, just like Rebecca Hamby, that are looking to make a change in the world. So, help them help the world by donating before June 1st!