The Trails and Tales Update

What are the newest features that are coming to Minecraft?

Minecraft Trails and Tales will bring many new features to the game.

Carsten Oyer with Sportskeeda and the Biomes O’ Plenty Wiki

Minecraft Trails and Tales will bring many new features to the game.

Rochelle Georges, Columnist

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world and has had updates for many years. This year, Minecraft is adding the Trails and Tales update, which will have many new features. It will bring a new biome, new block textures, new mobs, archeology, and new mob animations. 

Minecraft’s newest biome is going to be the cherry blossom grove. The cherry blossom grove has trees that are supposed to represent cherry blossoms. With new biomes come new block textures. Bamboo blocks and cherry blossom wood will be added to the game’s inventory with the update. Players can let their imaginations run even wilder with this new building potential.

There will also be new mobs: the camel and the sniffer. The camels spawn in deserts, which is where camels actually live. Usually, only one player can ride animals like horses, donkeys, and llamas. However, the camels that are going to be added in the 1.20 update can seat two players. The camels also have a sitting animation, which is aesthetically interesting. When players ride horses and press jump, the horse jumps along, but if you click the jump button with the camel, it will sprint forward. The camels can also be bred if given cacti, and will need five minutes before breeding again. The sniffer is another cool mob that will be added to the 1.20 update. The sniffers do not spawn naturally like many of the other mobs in the game. Instead, according to Sportskeeda, “players will need to find their eggs and hatch them to spawn these rare beasts.” Their eggs can be found in suspicious sand in the desert. Once they are spawned, they will sniff around (which is why they are called sniffers) for torch flower seeds, which is a new flower that is going to be added to the game in the update.

The torch flower can be used for decoration, and if you use your hand to dig it out, it can be planted again. The torch flower seeds are found by the sniffer mob when the sniffer digs it out. 

This update will also include archeology, which uses a brush to dig up pottery shards. The archaeology in the update provides a brush so you can dig up things like pottery shards. According to the YouTuber ibxtoycat, the release date for the 1.20 update on bedrock and java versions will likely be one of the Tuesdays of June 2023 so that the developers can make sure there are no bugs in the update and to maximize profits. This means it could come out on June 6, 13, 20, or 27. With all of these new features, the Trails and Tales update is sure to be a fun addition to the popular game.